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NOON this Fri @FrankMillerInk live on stage at @NerdMelt talks #SinCityADameToKillFor wi... http://t.co/usUhgRTZaM
#FrankMiller talks @sincity live onstage at @NerdMelt this Friday at noon for @nerdistdotcom new podcast,... http://t.co/EsEt9hPWby
Reminder: Rocketship XM @ Fri Aug 1, 2014 12am - 1:30am (Airing NOW > http://t.co/lie1SZUhAG)
Cops and Courts: Aug. 1, 2014: Man struck by bus in Watsonville http://t.co/P3mYmmKjUW
What a ride on Hwy 1 this evening. Maybe @nbcbayarea @NBCBayWeather at 11 will tell us there's more like this Friday >http://t.co/25eqikike8
Boulder Craft Beer Festival slated for Aug. 23 - The Daily Camera http://t.co/eL3Oznw2W5 #craftbeer
Google Hangout Aug. 7th, 1 PM EDT: @KaneFischer of @calvert_fdn talks new investment initiatives http://t.co/oSDmj9StRt #socbiz #impinv
#China: After years of torture/detention, release rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng as promised Aug 7 >http://t.co/NazeCCWye2 http://t.co/bowyZ3EKNv
A little Matthew Sweet this Thursday. http://t.co/uymvM0KlH6
Obstacles, foam and fun! Come to the Color Foam 5k @ #Omaha #NE on August 16th! $20off promo code: foam http://t.co/ETZgMcJmTp via @SpinGoNE
Hey #Omaha-love running? Love bubbles? Checkout the ColorFoam5k on August 16th! DiscountCode: spingo http://t.co/mLAdMeEwnh via @SpinGoNE
Volunteer for our workshop at @DeVryUniv #Oakland on August 16! Non tech and tech positions available http://t.co/ADshpAUUl6
It's official, Maha number six is happening August 16, 2014!
Maha Music Festival announces 2014 date: Get out your calendars and mark down Aug. 16, 2014. It's the date for... http://t.co/9V8acSypuY
We had our first meeting for this year's event last night. What do you think about the date of August 16th, 2014 at Seattle Center? :)
Act quickly to submit your #CX strategy for the inaugural CX Awards. Entries close August 8th - http://t.co/dNDjrk87BP
It's all happening...in Aug 8, 2014: Arcade Fire: Reflektor Tour @ Gorge. Presale Thurs at 10am. Password: turkey. http://t.co/G7lly9BDhe
Yes, fuckin sorry I messed the date up. RT @Paully_B: @FatMike_of_NOFX heavy petting zoo changed my life. Is August 8th about Jerry Garcia?
Cause an Uproar with the Big Cats Initiative and celebrate #WorldLionDay on August 10 >http://t.co/uzIt2SNz5U @CauseanUproar
A "Celebration Of Life" takes place August 10th at Columbia Park to honor Portland Singer-Songwriter Nicole... http://t.co/QbxIocDVRW
Aug 02,2014: WorldFest: 10:00am: Omaha Children's Museum. Take a trip around the world this summer at WorldFest!... http://t.co/O4cU0uuALe
Aug 02,2014: Exhibition - The Art of Stagecraft: Act I: 10:00am: The Durham Museum. The Art of Stagecraft: Jim... http://t.co/BDRX4KxOrb
Startup Weekend San Fernando Valley: Saturday, August 2, 2014 -- Startup Weekend San Fernando Valley. Whether ... http://t.co/22mE2QdYYP
National March for Gaza, August 2 in Washington DC, transportation is available from multiple cities: http://t.co/nv0g6MYjlP
Find this Event&More Aug 02,2014: WorldFest: 10:00am: Omaha Children's Museum. Take a trip around the world th... http://t.co/A9LnLFrcrV
Seven Must-Read Stories (Week Ending August 2, 2014) http://t.co/Fj2e2RLE2M
JUST IN: RT @49ers The first event ever at Levi's Stadium will be @SJEarthquakes hosting Seattle Sounders FC on August 2, 2014.
Craziest meal of 2013: August 2, 2am - Cheese Fries w @JoshThomas87. Still working them off. Here's to more in 2014. http://t.co/x77zIYQjSA
7 AM they cut the ribbon for the incredible @Plaza_Athenee. I get my first look on Aug 4th so excited! http://t.co/vxetbaLOie
I rank Desolation of Smaug 4th in the LotR/Hobbit series, convincing me it'll directly mirror the two Star Wars trilogies when Hobbit3's out
Startup Weekend San Fernando Valley: Sunday, August 3, 2014 -- Startup Weekend San Fernando Valley. Whether en... http://t.co/E8BcMJgjCE
Looking forward to preaching at @MarsHill church Seattle this Sunday. Hoping to serve that congregation well and honour Jesus.
This Sun. at 7PM EST @Fred_Willard & I chat & laugh on my @SIRIUSXM show on Raw Dog.
For the record: I turn 40 on August 3rd, 2014. Before then I want to lose at least 30 pounds and (injuries permitting) run a half marathon.
Sign up for the #smtlive webinar on Aug 12 to learn how to analyze your paid #socialmedia http://t.co/31BxkPYKUR
#Perseids Meteor Shower: Best Viewing Time is Now as Peak Will Occur with Aug. 12-13 Supermoon http://t.co/5RtDgbEmXs via @epochtimes
Bay Region: AHA Healthcare Provider BLS Employee only 8-12pm August 12, 2014 http://t.co/6GcycFtsXw
Macomb: AHA Healthcare Provider BLS Employee only 8-12pm August 12, 2014 http://t.co/zXhbpl3tn4
is Lesniak a Serbian name? Ray Lesniak, NJ Dem who called for nixing Christie's court pick as "payback" on Aug. 12: http://t.co/18lziOYkD6
In US bookstores Aug 26: The Manhattan Puzzle: http://t.co/pKmDeBtAwO
Arcade Fire has gone full Arena Band. August 26, 2014, United Center. http://t.co/NWqFo08QOD
Aug 19th, Startup Grind #Tehran Presents Ali Reza Sadeghian & Saman Sadeghian ((http://t.co/Xh2ygFIgX7) http://t.co/6dBiunggSP
Is your team saying "Our org is too complex for Agile to work here"? Sign up for SAFe training. Singapore Aug 19-21 http://t.co/N4p6bkYi8n
Bay Region: Boot Camp for Grandparents - August 19, 2014 http://t.co/ysgyeqn4av
Eric Cantor to resign House seat; the Virginia Republican tells @RTDNews he will step down Aug. 18 >http://t.co/bebwLUDDav
Rep. Eric Cantor tells Va. newspaper he'll resign from House on Aug. 18, months earlier than expected: http://t.co/ZjHOfftqkm
Rep. Eric Cantor tells Va. newspaper he'll resign from House on Aug. 18, months earlier than expected: http://t.co/xo5JM34HDn
BREAKING: Eric Cantor to resign from Congress on Aug. 18; asks governor to hold special election for his seat: http://t.co/gKyVZCXT3I
#BREAKING Report: Eric Cantor to resign his House seat Aug. 18 >http://t.co/tkj6r5vRdd
RPF: Eric Cantor to resign from Congress on August 18 >http://t.co/FG3107w0l8
Eric Cantor to resign from Congress on August 18 >http://t.co/QiZKkPTsJY #ronpaul | RPF
RT @kenrudin Eric Cantor announces he will resign from Congress on Aug. 18. // Will go back to appearing in the Ziegfeld Follies.
! RT @MSchmidtRTD: Read our exclusive interview with @EricCantor on his [Aug 18] resignation here: http://t.co/EEF3CNuIO3
Maybe he's joining Sarah Palin's network RT @washingtonpost: Eric Cantor to resign from U.S. House on Aug. 18 http://t.co/KVvv5akNwi
Eric Cantor to resign from U.S. House on Aug. 18 http://t.co/MkYlGDnNAX
Cantor to resign from Congress on Aug. 18 >http://t.co/egg13bCAV8 via @RTDNews
Eric Cantor resigns from Congress, effective Aug. 18. Special election Nov. 4, concurrent with regular. Scoop from @MSchmidtRTD
BREAKING: @EricCantor to resign from Congress on Aug. 18th >http://t.co/ZMJuuzguo6 #VA07
John Legend's performance of Marvin Gaye's What's Going On album is set to be streamed on August 20th at 8pm at http://t.co/8w6vjCw4B5
@chrisramey august 20-25!
LISTEN: Money: US Economy & Lost Baggage 01 Aug 14 >http://t.co/mLk1rxACKg
Samsung Galaxy Alpha announcement happening August 13, specifications surface early - http://t.co/fZ7DgcGMPO
Why the gap between the Aug 13 "time for some traffic problems" note and the early September execution?
How do you start a Bridgegate timeline on Aug 13? The plan was clearly made before that if Wildstein could simply say "got it." #nerdland
Get horrible at Horrible Movie Night, August 9th. Bail Out is the horrible movie in question. http://t.co/LdG76Q4POC
@lyzidiamond Are you back for long? Doing a mini presentation night at PDXTech4Good next Wed. You should tell everyone about maps!
#FCBayern will play in the #MLSAllStar Game on August 6th 2014. We're looking forward to what's sure to be a great match!
.@FCBayern to play #MLSAllStars at JELD-WEN Field on Aug. 6, 2014: http://t.co/g6TphspDmt #RCTID http://t.co/sxDWMpWaJi
It's official, the best of @MLS will take on @FCBayern at the 2014 AT&T #MLSAllStar Game on Aug. 6, 2014 http://t.co/gnOsQ7FWm9
In PDX! MT @FCBayernEN: #FCBayern will play in #MLSAllStar Game on Aug 6 2014. Looking forward to what's sure to be a great match! #RCTID
Is anyone going to the Scratch Conference at MIT Aug 6-9? @sfryer & I are considering it http://t.co/ziLARrMLud #txeduchat
Big thanks to everyone who helped make #bestofportland a success! Thanks for stopping by the #TFNW table . See you at #TFNW August 15-16
The 2014 Get Everyone Certified Challenge has begun! Submit for drawing by August 15, 2014. http://t.co/gll7fJUORT
Mark your calendars for Aug 15 - 17. @streetfoodsf has been named one of the must-attend events in 2014. http://t.co/gTZB3UAbJl
August 30, 2014, I will attend my first game at Darrel K. Royal Memorial Stadium and watch UNT upset UT & their new coach in his first game
Library Comic Con 2014! The 2nd annual #BPLComicCon will take place Saturday, Aug. 30 at the Main library.
Mark your calendars. #ThatConference is this August 11th - 13th. Call for Speakers 3/31
The nut "filbert" got its name from St. Philbert which is celebrated on August 22nd, which is also when the nut matures.
Gayle, when is the #IfIStayMovie coming out? Finally, I can tell you. August 22nd. THIS YEAR, PEOPLE! http://t.co/PmNANgVD0d
#Boston tweeps -- Do you know of venue that would be ideal for the #D4conference (75 people) on Aug 22-23, 2014?
We've very happy to announce that EMF 2014 will happen on August 29th-31st at a location in Newton Longville, near Milton Keynes.

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