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Notification: Zydeco @ Mon May 25, 2015 12:30am - 1:30am (Airing NOW > http://t.co/8fhHTHOjjD)
Goldman Sachs targets $1 bln in Japan renewable energy bonds: TOKYO, May 25 (Reuters) - Goldma... http://t.co/KL86DypFnB via @josephjett
B2Community: #jobs 5 new jobs on our job board for May 25th: http://t.co/bZYOuL7Gh2
#jobs 5 new jobs on our job board for May 25th: http://t.co/Y5da8Dxg8G
Starting May 25 clues for the Rose Festival OREGONLIVE Treasure Hunt will be released daily @ http://t.co/I4dle6ilud! http://t.co/6u9hGaURjv
Join us & @mo_flow this Wed for a free webinar on planning a #nonprofit blog you can manage. Register here: http://t.co/FsQXYsj8RB
This Wednesday John Fullerton speaks @CIGIonline about #Regenerative #Capitalism http://t.co/dCV6OMMPcK
Don't forget to attend our free CEU event THIS WEDNESDAY at 6PM at Peregrine's Landing at Peachtree Creek! #ALZ http://t.co/IqCPJbhZbQ
Don't forget to attend our free CEU event THIS WEDNESDAY at 6PM at Peregrine's Landing at Peachtree... https://t.co/Ci31wOilAR
#Denver Immigration Lottery: #KeepArturoHome Wednesday, May 27 11 AM Colorado State Capitol http://t.co/aDX6IMlBeE
May 27th, Startup Grind Melbourne Presents Gen George (OneShift) #SGWomen http://t.co/n1yIykAxp5
Talk #nerdy to me at the @DIGIMARCON #West Expo May 27 + May 28 at @LoewsSMBeach: http://t.co/xWVrwW83HJ
How Can Cdn Authors Thrive in Digital World? | May 27 @PamelaSamuelson @relkatz @joshgans @ryanmerkley https://t.co/t7jMjDQ17n
We're excited to be playing @Boston_Calling in September! Tickets on sale this Wednesday 5/27 at 10am EST http://t.co/htpd28x1iH
Create a collage of your dream world, due on Wed, May 27, 2015.
Sign up for our next Founder Friday, May 29, here at #StartupHall with @ShawnDebnath, CTO of http://t.co/CFYCJnUN2w! http://t.co/IDvNWUASy2
You won't want to miss this Startup Weekend! | May 29-31 | http://t.co/WpyApa6zTC | #KCSW @1WeekKC @thinkbigKC #IoT http://t.co/XQDqXbXVKD
Lenovo M58 system with 19" Monitor only $169.99 until May 29th >http://t.co/yjoXp6jZre @Boxxaroo
RT @gamebcn: Calling all #Gamers in #Madrid! Don īt miss the Madrid Game Conference May 29 >http://t.co/AhnWUx2iIh #MGCEsne
Don't miss out on my free Cloud IaaS Lunch & Learn this Friday @Communitech http://t.co/6hRfcCBpzL http://t.co/HFSPKtRcL2
This Friday, nothing will ever be the same again.. #SanAndreas MAY 29th. https://t.co/Rr01Kx7v7B
Save $50 on Lenovo M91P system - ONLY UNTIL May 29th!! Use Promo code m91 @Boxxaroo http://t.co/wbT2JEf8tM
Get your head out of your ass and your ideas out of your head. #InsightOut by @TSeelig launches on May 26: http://t.co/Emp8IMnWHM
San Francisco Tomorrow May 26 @punchlinesf Vodkast and Book signing http://t.co/YmdgawIg3K Muntjacs free http://t.co/WLcV7aOr1D
Just one more day until our AMA with @onealexharms. 6 p.m. PST, tomorrow (May 26) Mark your calendar! http://t.co/LguTA6qgbY
I'm in Helsinki and will be speaking at @arctic15 on May 26-27. Come say hi!
Ask your questions for author @MargaretAtwood & the @FuturelibraryNO with #futurelibraryoslo and join the Q&A May 26 at 14:05-14:30 CET.
Big week coming up for 7,390 students (soon to be #McGillAlumni) #McGillGrad2015 from May 26 thru to June 3. http://t.co/rcot239g7c
.@prisonfarmfilm screens May 26, 7pm @westendwellcoop. From Clarke Mackey ((http://t.co/mnEjxLtObb) & @lennyepstein1 http://t.co/7e76xpkxfD
Reminder PDU OfTheDay Webnr May 26 "Predictive Analytics 4 Workforce Decisions" http://t.co/gdbw6gimn2 #pduOTD #pmot #pmp #pm 1 Cat C Free
Reminder PDU OfTheDay Webinar May 26 "Making Smart Decisions under Complexity" http://t.co/1xh89ZyJOE #pduOTD #pmot #pmp #pm 1 Cat C Free
Reminder PDU OfTheDay Live Webinar May 26 "Steps to Accelerate Mobile Testing" http://t.co/acqYYJCoru #pduOTD #pmot #pmp #pm 1 Cat C Free
Enjoying Memorial Day? Before you BBQ, why not read #hcldr blog - "Healthcare Celebrity" http://t.co/ow8wZFyill Join Tues May 26th 8:30pm
Reminder PDU OfTheDay Live Webinar May 26 "What's the PMI-PBA Test Really Like?" http://t.co/4nN0g3qOgl #pduOTD #pmot #pmp #pm 1 Cat A Free
Reminder PDU OfTheDay Webinar May 26 "Improve Perf w/ Micro-Coaching & Feedback" http://t.co/roKrtSRC7R #pduOTD #pmot #pmp #pm 1 Cat C Free
5-Steps to Building a PR Engine [Webinar] w/ special guest @seanpower http://t.co/XcktwGCVRb Starts Tuesday, May 26th at 1pm EST. Join us!
Streets: World Roundup (May 1 - May 20) http://t.co/IpBdgDzGrI
Medical marijuana in Oregon: Compromise legislation would allow dispensaries bans until May 1, 2015 http://t.co/SMbShWIeOO
Compromise bill would allow medical marijuana dispensary bans until May 1, 2015. http://t.co/F5a2nknnoA
White Pointer alert! MT @MRsalakas: Next Sunday on #aussieED
Big thx to the 200,000 who streamed the entire episode of @gaffiganshow at http://t.co/jDsXyvgDfd Watch until May 31. http://t.co/62dNVZ2ZsD
Open call for speakers on #conflict until May 31. Human vs Human, Human vs Nature, Human vs Self - Read more at http://t.co/kQXpYaaydJ
Instead of Xbox money expiring in July 2014, it's now extended to May 31, 2015. I was almost ready to buy Wolfenstein, heh
.@MaRSDD is thrilled to host the next #DesignMeets...Reinventing the Newsroom May 28. Join us, it's FREE! http://t.co/rVMv97q2Yj
Tune in on May 28th and 29th Live From the @Skills_Canada National Competition: http://t.co/WdrOgrm8hK #SCNC2015
May 28th, Startup Grind Dar es Salaam Presents: Nuya Hellen Dausen (Nuya's Essence) #SGWomen http://t.co/bOoh5eOuDa
Join our webcast May 28th, 1pmCST to find out about #EssentialSkills as the Foundation of Learning! @abclifeliteracy http://t.co/ETquKkM27w
Your perspective is needed! Join us May 28 and help redefine what aging means in America: http://t.co/3SskhihzcZ #AgingSummit
Join us & @ICTC_CTIC in #Ottawa on May 28th for the launch of DAC's #Community of Practice. Click for the details! http://t.co/Sy7w9SHEim
Produce a welded metal sculpture of space, due on Thu, May 28, 2015.
#JULIAmeetsJUG - Register to the event and win @ManningBooks!!! @UniVerona, May 30th, 2015. http://t.co/eY0a80EQys http://t.co/ReE6MUYqpO
Next Saturday we get to celebrate the worldwide release of my first comedy album GRINDECOLOGY! Thru... https://t.co/bEnuBk6JLu
Just got word: @samaquillano will be helping teams this Saturday. Can you say #innovation? http://t.co/y7czU3bFps http://t.co/RTpDHO28KJ
Looking fwd to @CaregiverShow this Sat. w/ @AlzToronto crew. If you're there, drop by the table. Wanna meet you! #Health #Caregivers
The biggest rally I ever saw in #Saudi ,during the funeral of 20 Saudi Shia killed in IS suicide bombing last Friday >http://t.co/LZJGtLE2wU
The Weekend Roundup for May 23-24th, 2015 http://t.co/8SedYujWYk
Other Interesting arXiv Papers (Week ending May 23, 2015) http://t.co/1YTuc11sNY
'Mad Max: Fury Road' Rages Into Theaters May 15, 2015 http://t.co/V38sPEeIxU
Mad Max 4 Release Date Set for May 15, 2015 http://t.co/cB8K0NXLGJ via @ToplessRobot
Mad Max: Fury Road will be in theaters on May 15th, 2015 http://t.co/J1SNnJkoFR
Oh man, can't wait for this. @kateaquillano RT @verge: Mad Max: Fury Road will be in theaters on May 15th, 2015 http://t.co/l7hnwee3Sl
'Mad Max: Fury Road' will be in theaters on May 15th, 2015 http://t.co/4apXIydFLZ #tech #news
'Mad Max: Fury Road,' starring Tom Hardy, to be released on May 15th, 2015. #movies
'Pitch Perfect 2' dated by Universal for May 15, 2015.
Are you ready to be pitch slapped again? #PitchPerfect2, in theaters May 15, 2015. http://t.co/rsft3JQlzS
'Pitch Perfect 2' scheduled to hit theaters on May 15, 2015 http://t.co/fnfe5Pe44c
'Pitch Perfect 2' Will Come Out On May 15, 2015 http://t.co/foCeDdzcgj via @HuffPostEnt woo hoo! #excited
Y'all, I just scheduled all nine seasons of Supernatural. I'll catch up to current airing on May 15, 2015. http://t.co/aXEhZ6HBm5
BREAKING: Sony to release Adam Sandler's PIXELS on May 15, 2015.
.@AdamSandler's 'Pixels' gets May 15, 2015 release date http://t.co/rg5gYkJHKs
Sony Pictures announced that Chris Columbus film 'Pixels,' starring Adam Sandler, Kevin James & Josh Gad will hit theaters on May 15, 2015.
. @DanaDanger this is the funniest thing I anticipate reading until May 7, 2015.
"What you will hear between now and May 7 2015...security, stability and peace of mind" http://t.co/7a6ZxMKU5C
Jennifer Aniston's 'Mean Moms' set for May 8, 2015 http://t.co/SMuBcF6nBL
Jennifer Aniston's 'Mean Moms' Set for May 8, 2015 | Variety http://t.co/s1QrCK4I5b
Marvel Announces Captain America 3 for May 6, 2015 http://t.co/pJ0XuqyNvs
It's official, the Wings for Life #WorldRun has been confirmed for May 3rd, 2015. Start your journey at http://t.co/JVuPs6mPKA
.@beardfoundation announces annual awards to be held in Chicago at the Lyric Opera on May 4, 2015! #jbfchi2015 http://t.co/VUNg17YDBQ
We've been trying to make Red Nose Day happen in USA for a decade. Today it became a reality. May 21 2015 on NBC. Huge. Huge. News.
Announced yesterday by @nbc - on May 21 2015, America gets it's first Red Nose Day. Has taken a decade to make it happen. #overjoyed
Announced by @nbc: May 21 2015, America gets its first @rednoseday. @emmafreud says has taken decade to make it happen. Smart Move America
RUMOR: Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will fight each other on May 2nd, 2015 if both win their next fight.

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