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. @LeonardPeltier "Feb 6 imprisoned for 40 years! I'm 71 y/o & in max security penitentiary. At my age, I'm not sure I have much time left."
Notification: The Swamp Woman / One Night Stand @ Sat Feb 6, 2016 12am - 1:30am (Airing NOW > https://t.co/8fhHTHOjjD)
Blasphemous Brewfest this Saturday & Sunday at 5pm during Sabertooth Micro! https://t.co/QptSG5moLj for all details! https://t.co/Qkscsf4MSe
Please tune in to GREEN KNEES ON KSFR radio 101.1 FM Sat. Feb. 6, 7 a.m. Mountain Time to hear my reading of "The Kitten Invasion." #IAN1
#SportsNews Premier League Coverage: Liverpool vs. Sunderland, Saturday, February 6th >https://t.co/gqDtbnMWYo
Next Tues, 2/9 Join @KatrinaStevens1 to discuss Leadership section of #NETP16! https://t.co/WBlUWfTH9X #satchat https://t.co/7ZOAviKsLt
Church plans Shrove Tuesday pancake supper: Supper will be Feb. 9                 https://t.co/a9gUK2cL4C
Next Wed in Spain, join @Docker Barcelona at Sala Grande: https://t.co/DhPPX4QljW Come learn about #Docker & @tsurupaas w/ speaker @gciotta
On-demand parking service closing on February 29th, 2016 https://t.co/R04dl4qBbx
North Korea brings forward rocket launch time frame to Feb 7-14 https://t.co/NZeDtZ6GGe https://t.co/asn2nukdZ5
South Korea says North Korea has moved up the window of its planned long-range rocket launch to Feb. 7-14 https://t.co/7a3VOWI0NV
JUST IN: N. Korea Moves up rocket launch window to Feb. 7 - 14: S. Korea Defense Ministry https://t.co/6FxfYwRb8P https://t.co/rCDNNSGsiJ
North Korea moves up launch window for test rocket by one day, to Feb. 7-14, South Korea says. https://t.co/RpGiy67Mp3
BREAKING: South Korean Defense Ministry says North Korea moves up window for rocket launch to Feb. 7-14
The "Zooper Bowl" predicts who will win the game this Sunday. https://t.co/DCHPVp45OP https://t.co/7h06Lep7L1
WILDsound Performer Feb. 7th Event: Chris  Reid-Geisler https://t.co/dciX1OtZtL https://t.co/5YXVv3RbcU
WILDsound Performer Feb. 7th Event: Kelci  Stephenson https://t.co/KhJgq5NCmN
WILDsound Performer Feb. 7th Event: Sasha  Rajamani https://t.co/zhTs1LWUDv
WILDsound Performer Feb. 7th Event: Kirsten Dahlin  Nolan https://t.co/Cx37gYb2nv
What to do instead of watching the Super Bowl this Sunday (via @thedailyclog) | https://t.co/Ib23U9Y1XX https://t.co/5s4KHomxse
Here's how to throw the best party you can this Sunday even if you hate football https://t.co/vixJrg8vlq https://t.co/k98o2mV1Ek
It's weird how it's only 10:30, but it feels like February 7, 2016.
Good news continues to come in. We officially have a date for #SuperBowl50: February 7, 2016 http://t.co/nbCfdRLGQj
Circle the date! @superbowl50 to be Feb 7, 2016 at #LevisStadium in #SantaClara #SB50 http://t.co/yypjgD9Gfn http://t.co/7VGa2UR73r
RT @49ers: #49ers to host Super Bowl L at #LevisStadium on Feb. 7, 2016. READ: http://t.co/0myS01U5wY #SB50 http://t.co/HcTpNwMoLc
NFL announces date of Super Bowl in Levi's Stadium: Feb. 7, 2016. #49ers #niners
Mark your calendars: Super Bowl 50 will be held on February 7, 2016 at Levi's Stadium.
Mark your calendars! The NFL has announced the date for #SuperBowl L -- Feb. 7, 2016 at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara.
Super Bowl L (50) date just announced for Santa Clara: February 7, 2016 http://t.co/rMnnx4KFUa
The NFL has announced the date of superbowl #50 in Santa Clara at Levi Stadium, February 7th, 2016
Super Bowl L To be Played on Feb. 7, 2016, at Levi's Stadium! http://t.co/HKIjblSAlk
Save the Date: The NFL made it official today. Super Bowl L at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara is set for Feb. 7, 2016. http://t.co/5k7bRyUJd8
Can't wait to help host the best regional superbowl ever on Feb. 7, 2016 at @49ers #LevisStadium! @superbowl50 #sfsuperbowl #SB50
Mark your calendar for Feb. 7, 2016. That's when Super Bowl L will be played at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara http://t.co/pL9KDiq7GG
#NFL announced #SuperBowl 50 will played at #LeviStadium, Santa Clara,February 7, 2016 http://t.co/aPA5W78PXH mcleod http://t.co/fU6MI0SMMs
US to Hold ASEAN Summit in California February 15/16 https://t.co/Y4ejnbglP8 via @APICSFoxRiverIL
We're seeking doctoral students and university faculty for the Civil Society Scholar Awards. Apply by Feb 15: https://t.co/uSWt0xd2bW
This Monday we're discussing the impact levering technology can have on WFP's work @ 1:45 CET. Use #Data4Food. https://t.co/rJkw1EAp5Y
Dementia caregivers to meet Feb. 8 at Memory Ctr. https://t.co/i4jHfVqeHY #dementia #health
We've set the DVR. Have you? Writing staff is 50% female and 30% nonwhite. Debuts at 10:30 p.m. Mon, Feb 8. https://t.co/fsRURV6WnB
Only 2 days until the best #marketing event commences! Yes, it's @GMRME Annual Marketing to Women Conference on Feb 8. Who's coming? #dubai
Come Feb 14 #ShowTheLove to nature the big blue earth floating through space #JeremyIrons https://t.co/l2DQFmDp0Z via @youtube
Watch HHDL's Tibetan New Year's Message recorded in Rochester, Minnesota, USA on February 4th. https://t.co/saX4eNItjj
Digirad Co. (DRAD) To Go Ex-Dividend on February 11th >https://t.co/elnp06gi8u - #Imaging
Register help facilitate our 1K in-person #participatorybudgeting event in San José Feb 20th: https://t.co/FRj5wL3BVQ
My mixtape #AtlantaFornia will premier on @dash_radio February 20th! Shout @djskee and #Dash!
Actor Declared Brain Dead After Simulated Hanging Scene Goes Wrong: FLORENCE, Italy, Feb 5 (Reuters) - An Ital... https://t.co/eS9ny9FnwM
Actor Declared Brain Dead After Simulated Hanging Scene Goes Wrong: FLORENCE, Italy, Feb 5 (Reuters) - An Ital... https://t.co/Th9XSC5C2D
What's going on? Slough Celebration Gala - February 5, 2016! https://t.co/NDTnazeAEB Get found -> https://t.co/NhUcIPtvpA
Earlier today, Daily Search Forum Recap: February 5, 2016 https://t.co/PAQJNuYX0Y
Feb 5th: free ice cream Feb 6th: free spaghetti and drink ticket Feb 7th: free facelift https://t.co/7WUeHIGaaz
Shark Tank Viewing Party Santa Clara SuperBowl (new!) Westin Hotel. SJ! FRI Feb 5, 2016 #ENGR145 #SharkTank
Shark Tank Viewing Party Santa Clara SuperBowl (new!) Westin Hotel. SJ! FRI Feb 5, 2016 #ENGR145 #SharkTank https://t.co/ryWboSscDy
PR News' Social Media Summit is February 25-26 in California; Opportunity to Save With Extended Early Bird Dis... https://t.co/idkD7EC1Se
Don't miss the first Strip-O-Rama of 2016 - Saturday, February 27th! https://t.co/xCrsjOFOlr #portland #exotic #dancers #FUN
Regional Cancer Treatment Center CEO to retire Feb. 12 - https://t.co/G3iiDB4vay https://t.co/T3pdtxWBo4
MORE BREAKING: DEADPOOL movie dated for Feb. 12, 2016... http://t.co/YqJaJ6itU9
Fox and Marvel announce #Deadpool movie to arrive on Feb. 12, 2016: http://t.co/k46ZUZss0K http://t.co/KEIiPM5zkd
X-Men Spinoff 'Deadpool' to Hit Theaters Feb. 12, 2016 http://t.co/0Pyn2rwv3b
The @Techstars Foundation for improving diversity in tech entrepreneurship. Grant applications due by Feb 19: https://t.co/pZ6nG49G5c
10 Candlemas Things that Caught My Eye Today (Feb. 2, 2016) https://t.co/sQkQ0LDShZ
10 Catholic Things that Caught My Eye Today (Feb. 1, 2016) https://t.co/UipthBekWm
DNC rules cmte considering NO primaries/caucuses before Feb. 1, 2016. Proposed rule: Iowa not before 2/1; NH not before 2/9.
The DNC has tentatively set February 1, 2016, as the date of IOWA's caucuses. That's only 640 days away! http://t.co/MJPNN5NhVK
DNC tentatively sets Feb. 1, 2016 as Iowa caucus date. Only 640 days away. http://t.co/SqBn3I8xgG
#warrenmentum RT @politico: DNC tentatively sets Feb. 1, 2016 as Iowa caucus date. Only 640 days away. http://t.co/qH8LtDLscU
Democrats have tentatively set the Iowa caucuses for Feb. 1, 2016. Only 640 days away. http://t.co/suc6zckoXj
Gov. Brown is asking federal judges for two-year extension to reduce the state's prison population. Wants new deadline of Feb. 28, 2016. @AP
Save the date: February 13, 2016. US Olympic Marathon Trials. So fun to watch in person. http://t.co/VATvOCXT00 #tooearlytobooktkt?
I will be channeling my inner @JBSamuelson on February 13, 2016 as I run the Olympic Trials Marathon! Congrats to LA! #LA2016

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